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usbcable 8 hours 50 minutes
usbcable 2 days
(new) Korg ms2000 synthesizer [13]
Where I work we have a korg ms2000 synth and it died. It is 17 years old and the DSP chip died. It started making a grainy distorted sound when it was
sxcrico 3 days
(new) Dark/Deep web??? (6)
People have advised me to go on the above sites said it is so different from our actual google now what does one do to go onto these sites
alvar89 4 days
(new) AMD Ryzen [76]
Looks like we finally have some competition again that has to push down prices! Ryzen 7 1800x vs intel core i7 6900k. The ryzen is slightly faster wit
dom4subs 5 days
(new) VR Headset (3)
Can anyone recommend a decent vr headset for desktop. Is there a decent alternative to the oculus rift. What about games, anything good out there.
gazthedart 13 days
(new) pdf print help (1)
hi I tried to print a pdf from phone to printer and it came out all funny like dots and no text. so I got this pdf printer app and it connects to my p
sxcrico 13 days
(new) Hackers (10)
Do they really exist or is it just a myth
spngbob 18 days
(new) Laptop does not recognise phone anymore? (2)
After doing some windows updates over the weekend, suddenly my laptop does not want to recognise any of the android phones when connecting via usb? I
dom4subs 19 days
(new) GPU Upgrade Advice [38]
I'm currently using an asus 960gtx strix 4gb gpu. Any advice please on what would be a good upgrade. I'm on an asus z170 pro gaming mb, i5 6600k
gurlygal 26 days
(new) New ipad.... [28]
Ive finally decided 2 upgrade my little old ipad mini for a better 1 as ive had it years and now its stuck on ios9 it runs really slow.... question is
skippie7 30 days
(new) Safe mode disk.sys (9)
I recently installed win 7 on my toshiba laptop. When turning on it freezes at windows startup and restarts. I try booting into safemode but it hangs
gunger February 2017
(new) can anyone help? (5)
Can anyone help me with my laptop? It is a HP pavilion it ran out of power while installing windows 10 and is stuck in a cycle of preparing to install
tazdevil February 2017
(new) Access Denied (8)
A lot of the websites have been rendered restricted here lately including torrents. Some of them still work, but not nearly as many as before. Besides
dom4subs February 2017
(new) Customise your desktop [17]
Do you customise your desktop with lights etc or leave it is
plzgvhug February 2017
(new) how to setup a electronics workshop [35]
This topic is to discuss what you need to setup a basic electronics workshop. Talk about what basic tools and equipment you will need and roughly how

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