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john_163 6 hours 16 minutes
(new) Finally Geting My First Nvidia GPU (3)
will be geting a gtx 1050ti within 2 weeks clap.gif wich brand do u recommend? Asus, Gigabyte, Zotac or MSI? And Wich One Has Better Performance And Coo
nukeme 10 days
(new) Overriding Password encrypted Zip files [13]
Is there a way of accessing Password encrypted Zip files without knowing the password?
spngbob 15 days
(new) Win 7 SATA controller driver??? (2)
I am trying to install a sata drive via an expansion card on my win7 desktop, but it keeps asking for a driver? I have searched and came up short? Any
gazthedart 15 days
(new) pdf print help (1)
hi I tried to print a pdf from phone to printer and it came out all funny like dots and no text. so I got this pdf printer app and it connects to my p
d14nova 15 days
(new) strongest free chess game for windo (0)
Anyone can help me to get free chess aplication or software to best training in Chess? So far I have chess LV.100 For window. Hard to beat LV.100 in l
d14nova 15 days
(new) Learn to create website (10)
I dont have a basic skill for programing,any hope for me to own simple website my self?.what application do i need as tool and which sites must i visi
charlin 15 days
(new) model 207-z vodafone mobile wifi (1)
good day all, i hope someone might be able to help me i'm trying to remove the Vodafone branded software from this modem and load the zte software so
dom4subs 16 days
(new) GPU Upgrade Advice [39]
I'm currently using an asus 960gtx strix 4gb gpu. Any advice please on what would be a good upgrade. I'm on an asus z170 pro gaming mb, i5 6600k
snoopsy 25 days
(new) Usb memory (7)
Say i have a 16 gig usb stick but it only shows i have 14.4gig to use.What can i do or how to get the full 16gig to use.I formated but still the same.
phly_kid April 2017
(new) Antivirus [12]
I'm curious as to what is the current proper antivirus app to use in this day and age. Avira has stuck by me since back in the days it was the best fr
trailrunner April 2017
(new) old games not play (3)
hi, whats this dplay.dll missing error? I got laptop with windows 7. I was trying to play doom but no luck, when I click to play game I can hear the s
snoopsy April 2017
(new) Cpu Advise? (3)
2.6 ghz 1155 cpu. 4gb ddr 3 memory..380 gb 2gb nvidia graphic case and power supply 450 watt.What do you think?
maniac13 April 2017
(new) bad image error (5)
Turned pc off lastnight when ive turned it on today i keep getting a box saying bad image error,which seems to show on alot of my programs,anyone kno
rick2010 April 2017
(new) Mega cd games on Retropie (4)
Downloaded and put on my Pi but when I press a button it goes black then back to emustation, any help??
rick2010 April 2017
(new) Blade runner on dosbox via Raspberry Pi (2)
Is it possible to play this game on Raspberry Pi??

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