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spngbob 27 days
(new) Laptop recently slow?!! [17]
My almost one year old laptop, Lenovo G50, I5, 1TB HD, 4GIG RAM, running windows 8.1, has recently become much slower than usual???? I mainly use it f 27 days
(new) Windows Movie Maker (7)
Hi there.I used to make video-files, with Windows-movie-maker on Windows XP.I'm trying to do the same on Windows 7, but not winning. Have they taken
dom4subs September 2018
(new) Water cooling (5)
Does anyone have any tips for a water cooling beginner.
4eyes September 2018
(new) Facebook Problem (0)
I can't add sports teams to my home page anymore. What could it be?
sassy27 August 2018
(new) What type/brand device are you using! (4)
I'm a Samsung lover soooo... There's that!
mikeymk August 2018
(new) What Laptop? [13]
Bit of a repost but theyre all specific and out of date. What's available? What should i look for? What would you get? What are the must-have
ranadann July 2018
(new) Factory to copy in your country! (1) Contact me WhatsApp or viber if you can find us potential buyer00961 81862070Danny Khalil Marketing department
maniac13 July 2018
(new) Turning off/on laptop (8)
ive noticed recently that when i turn my laptop on or off there are a few things flashing up ie waiting for services,waiting for local session manager
d14nova June 2018
(new) Restore drivers from window old (6)
I have reinstalled window 10 without backup,my PC with specification AMD A10 dual graphics vga radeon HD 8610 G+HD 8500M toshiba problem n
whitepri June 2018
skippie7 June 2018
(new) Safe mode disk.sys [13]
I recently installed win 7 on my toshiba laptop. When turning on it freezes at windows startup and restarts. I try booting into safemode but it hangs
d14nova June 2018
(new) IDM,Utorrent and bittorrent which one is the best? [14]
I am considering to buy and installs one of them for my laptop.but i am still confusing to choose one of them by security,load file and speed. Average
usb3.1 June 2018
(new) Microsoft bought github [11]
This is absolutley terrible news sad.gif The open source comunity will have lost a very valuable asset where people can freely share code. It means Micr
bluebret June 2018
(new) Whatsapp bot? (1)
hi ,is there any whatsapp bot ,API, or channel that can be used for intergration with other social apps?
warded May 2018
(new) Your Media Player of Choice ? (3)
tea.gif What are yours? Mine are: For Video - MPV on Windows (with SMPlayer as a Graphical User Interface) For Audio - foobar2000 on Windows (w

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