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d14nova 1 day 6 hours
(new) text editor (0)
i learn coding to make a website with html,css,php,and java,which ones of the text editor best for my project work.note pad is very standard while out
1casinova 1 day 20 hours
(new) future of bitcoin (cryptocurrency)? [16]
What is the future of bitcoin? Will it be accepted all over the world? In many parts of world the bitcoins are accepted as legal. There are differ
skippie7 7 days
(new) Safe mode disk.sys [11]
I recently installed win 7 on my toshiba laptop. When turning on it freezes at windows startup and restarts. I try booting into safemode but it hangs
whitepri 21 days 25 days
(new) Anti-virus (4)
Good day.I am wondering about Windows Defender. Is it enough to protect one's computer from viruses? Or, does one also need another anti-virus progr
gunger 25 days
(new) can anyone help? (8)
Can anyone help me with my laptop? It is a HP pavilion it ran out of power while installing windows 10 and is stuck in a cycle of preparing to install
d14nova January 2018
(new) booting window 10 (5)
my window 10 laptop when booting must press any keys to open screen,is that problem or just wrong setting in my laptop? because in was window 8 before
john_163 January 2018
(new) Full HD Monitor (5)
ok guys finally im goin to upgrade my monitor from 1400x900 res to Full HD , found out 2 monitors in my budget one is HP And other is Asus Wich One Sh
junayd January 2018
(new) Windows 10 auto restarts (8)
My desktop restarts without warning. Ive replaced power cable but still no joy. Anyone with a fix?
warded January 2018
(new) Firefox 57.0 (4)
holycow.gif Thoughts so far?
engines January 2018
(new) SanDisk writeprotect (7)
Hi, I have been trying to format an 8Gb SanDisk flashdrive for use, it keeps reporting that the disk is write protected. I have tried the following s
phly_kid January 2018
(new) Antivirus [17]
I'm curious as to what is the current proper antivirus app to use in this day and age. Avira has stuck by me since back in the days it was the best fr
sibz86 January 2018
(new) Ssd installed and no hdd (8)
Hi all these are my systems specs Msi b250I pro mini its I3 7100 3.9ghz 8GB crucial ram stick 500GB Seagate hdd with windows 10 home insta
zoobik68 November 2017
(new) Flac Splitter (6)
anyone know a good free source flac file splitter? i have lots of music downloads in the lossless format that are just one big long single file that i
4eyes November 2017
(new) Windows 10 update (8)
If anyone has a problem with their Edge browser not working after the 1703 update. Try disabling Trusteer endpoint protection (assuming you have it ,

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