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stefdag 10 days
(new) Nigeria WAP/GPRS pinned [4355]
Wap/Gprs nigeria networks discussion topic including zain, celtel, mtn, glo, etc. Posts are to be in English only!!! The original topic has not
sharkies 13 days
(new) mp3's sites [32]
hi does anyone know any mp3 site's i can download mp3's from???
nomi89 May 2018
(new) free internet (8)
tell me someone how can I use free internet in Pakistan on any network
saher02 April 2018
(new) Give importence (2)
Give importence to ur own country's things and Support ur home made things
spunkydj April 2018
(new) mobile vs pc web pages (2)
Which do you prefer
dr34mgrl April 2018
(new) What is ur Favourite Social Network [31]
My Favourite Social Network is Smile. You can use it from any simple mobile.
spunkydj April 2018
(new) why (4)
are most phones touch screen these day blood fingers to big for touch keypads
gon_s March 2018
(new) HOW TO USE OPERA?? [12]
my opera ddnt works! watz the rght SETT.?? my opera is v.4.2
jariceals March 2018
(new) Windows os vs Android (2)
Android is still leading over its opponent Windows. However which of this two is more versatile? Android phones are selling like hot cakes. Windows is
ilkestondave March 2018
does anyone know of any tricks on EE pay as you go, for free internet access etc?
xskyx March 2018
(new) Best network [16]
Which would you say is best network for data services tia
ipangdjamoranoe February 2018
(new) aku dan sebuah cerita (3)
dimanakah kebahagian itu?kenapa gak pernah berbihak kepadaku, datangnya hanya sesekali waktu. Apa aku tak pantas mendapatkan kebahagiaan?bidadariku da
spunkydj February 2018
(new) whats the best network [13]
for internet as wifi contract nearly up and not renewing it
rick1979 January 2018
sweetcaroline January 2018
(new) Mobile help (6)
I feel very stupid.mind u I have 2 smile as this is different .my question is if u put a mobile in the washing machine which I have at this moment I

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