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Topics (14)
wands July 2012
Vb antivirus (2)
Hi, i am developing aV but got stuck on activeGuard and HooKS, any 1 can help me?
jennym October 2011
Free call hack software (0)
new free call hack java software here.. Checkout
shayan4u September 2011
Plz help any vb master (3)
Can anyone tell is it possible to insert sound in vb form that when I changed it to .exe file format and when I opend it, it automatically produse sou
rekzmile November 2009
C++ programming (2)
Hellow to all!Mmmh please help me.Mmmh display odd and even numbers one to 100.then it will post the total of odd numbers and even.Thanks
darkseth October 2009
Sound files in programming (0)
I recently found a cool sound file from an avast interface for when the cursor hovers over objects... I want to incorporate this sound file to my own

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