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Star DarkVampireKingdom
The year here is 1732 and the creatures of the night with Princess Xyna as their Queen of Vampires and she is only 18 and she runs the Kingdom. Its always night here.

Under full construction.

Group Founder: xyna7
Group Type: Public join
Members: 18
Category: Games > RPS Online

Topics (20)
xyna7 November 2012
Character Profiles. Post here. [9]
State your character's name, age, powers, clothing, hair, eyes, weapons, Bio is a must - but dont make it book length and no gods or goddess characte
robeagle November 2012
1)No drama at anytime 2)No god moding 3)No auto hitting/ auto dodge or any autos
xyna7 September 2012
Candlewood Cafe. (5)
A small, quant cafe with a homey-familt flare to it and it is a 1 story red, black and gray brick buidling. When you reach the cafe you walk up 4 step
xyna7 March 2012
Ooc Chat for the Group. (0)
No Drama! Be pollite. Out of0character chat topic only.
xyna7 March 2012
Drake's Bar ( RP Group ) (0)
The same as it was at the Keep. ( It looks like the Tavern on the old Tv Show Cheers if you havent seen that show you can google it for a description.

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