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25mldn 11 hours 25 minutes
Are sub Chezza? [38]
Private Group!
maria98 17 hours
What i am ? [87]
Private Group!
maria98 17 hours
aaron444 18 hours 23 hours
Secrets and lies. (0)
Secrets and lies, Are things I despise, I lied once to spare your feelings, You lied and lied for dirty dealings, Some people wear a ma
aaron444 1 day 21 hours
aaron444 1 day 21 hours
its about music (4)
Private Group!
vishnu07 2 days
To create a virus (2)
how to create pc virus.
aaron444 2 days
0shakti0 2 days
forget computer password (6)
*restart pc *press F5 *select-safe mode *select-administrative *goto-user account *remove password
warded 3 days
Persona Q2 (3DS) (4)
Shin Megami Tensei Persona Q2 TBA 2018
warded 4 days
The Elder Scrolls VI (PC) (3)
Bethesda Softworks , No name yet. EU TBA 2018
warded 4 days
The Snack World (3DS) (4)
Level-5 and Nintendo JP 13.07.2017 US TBA 2017 EU TBA 2017
rosie99 4 days
warded 5 days
warded 5 days
Disgaea 5 (PS4) (6)
One of the biggest letdowns in RPGamer awards. Disgaea 5 ''Complete'' coming to Nintendo Switch. 6 days
My sweetest friend. (3)
The greenest eyes, the sweetest smile, We'd often sit and talk a while, About music, films and things we'd seen, We even shared our cr 6 days
I am Me. (2)
True perfection has to be imperfect, I know that sounds foolish but it's true, Our flaws, our faults, our scar, That's what makes us who we 6 days
Here or there. (1)
You say that God has a plan, To keep bringing together this woman and man, I find it cruel to say the least, To put together beauty and beas
rimondas 7 days
(iam) -FRIEND- (0)
If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you. ...
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