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Nintendo Switch (echo)

Mario, Zelda etc.

Group Founder: warded
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warded 13 days
warded 24 days
Internet browser (?) (1)
The switch seems to have it, but it is very limited/restricted. Some games use it to display their EULA and some other info. Trying to open something
warded 25 days
Youtube support (1)
Yes. There is a youtube application in the eshop. Tested and configured it. Watched some AVGN. Also there are some videos/trailers in the NEWS section
warded July 2019
Current offers / Discounts (4)
faint.gif Way too many to list...
warded July 2019
Plans to get a Switch [26]
I personally have no immediate need to buy one. I'll get one eventually after 3DS is laid to rest.

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