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mrdavid 2019
ClassiCs [49]
A List Of Some Of The Best Songs Ever Written proud.gif And if You Think Any Other Songs Should Be In Here Then Plz SAY!
mrdavid November 2018
Post your requests and i will try my hardest to upload the video or song,pics ect.. Remember files cant b higher than 3 mb! And please make your songs
mrdavid May 2018
Icon's Of Metal [33]
May The Metal Be With You rocker.gif
jamineg May 2018
foxy.admin May 2018
People steal our pics and topics
mrdavid March 2017
sundaymajam September 2015
music beat my haert (3)
i love music wit all my life
surya102 September 2015
Music quotes [15]
:- life is a mistake without a genious
rizzlero September 2015
help me pleaseee cant find something [9]
hey! i really would love to have Sam Smith-leave your lover but i cannot find it anywhere,please could you help me? thank youuu :D
mrdavid September 2015
Whitney Houston R.I.P [11]
Tribute Soon. Just heard and, i am shocked!
mrdavid September 2015
Add Youtube Vids [17]
[b]Just somewhere to add interesting video's from YouTube. or any other site. Funny's Songs or anything you want to show, within reason of course! apo
rj.sam June 2015
I M new here :/ (5)
I m New Here Can any one please help mee !! :/
mrdavid September 2014
ADELE [15]
[b][link]Adele - Someone Like You Real Talk Remix - MP3:
charliieey May 2014
cant find (2)
Ive been looking every where for sia chandilier but cant find it any where to download any one know where can find it please x
ferzad.s January 2014
Hi (6)
Hi hello.gif

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