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You are about to embark on an amazingly exciting journey into a world of discoveries and suprises-THE WORLD OF CHEMISTRY
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Attention KINGS n QUEENS.. (,''('',) This Lonely Beautiful Garden of FALLEN ROSES welcumz U by Sprinkling Cute Rose PeTalz on U- Join this Magical World of 4900+Friendz/ 9400+FREE Files/ 1700+topicz n so on! GROUP UPDATED regularly. Enjoy wid Frndz here:)
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Welcome To AryanWap!! This is a Gr0uP Where you get Cool Apps,Games,Themes,Tones,G.i.F Animations,Logos of your Name(ON DEMAND),CHEESY PicK-UP LineS,JoKeS,TrickS/HACKS And Lots More!! GOT ABOUT 700 MEMBERS, ABOVE 1050 FiLeS. (DAILY UPDATED)
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HELLO! nd WELCOME! 2 lovereality!! the world of love, where dreamz come true 2 those who seek love.. This z the right place 4 u!.. when a lot of people dreamz........... U hav found reality!!!...
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Luv is most powerful motivator in de world.Lv is what peaple want mo than anything else.Even some1 wo hs bin in a negative,hurtful relationship,wo mighty b in denial,wants 2b loved.Pipo,wo r involved in rltnships& nt fulfilled,wil av afairs in sech of lv
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A zambian chat group.

* FaLLeN-RoSeS

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