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eduarda 21 hours ago
br (1)
s falo com pessoas do brasil
optimis1 6 days ago
Present The Real U And Stop Being A Camouflage(FAKE).
bea81 7 days ago
MB (2)
You laid on my naked body and applied your mouth to me without guilt or humiliation. You drove me near crazy while you drained me. When I awoke, you w
michaea9 10 days ago
greetings (0)
ciao.gif good morning friends,hope you had a beautiful night anyone.gif
tragonie 13 days ago
tragonie (0)
how do u use a t4 honeywell thermostat for boiler? how do u set the timer for them to come on in the morning? Can anyone help plz
wikaf 19 days ago
Leniwy czwartek (0)
Bardzo mi si nudzi dlatego czatuj chciaabym eby mi si nie nudzio
abdulmanam 20 days ago
Happy life (0)
Do not force anyone to stay in your life and if they really want then they will
qdeerichie 21 days ago
Cherish your time (0)
I give myself happiness by cherishing the tym I spent with my loved 1s,but I cannot kill myself bcos of some1.Qdeerichie
eduboysemz 22 days ago
java apps and games. (0)
where i found java games and apps.
buka 25 days ago
SINGLEish (0)
Dating your exact opposite argue2.gif in taste is sometimes a challenge lost.gif makes one kinda lonely wink.gif and want to find some one with same taste
itshayleybaby 29 days ago
Toxic ppl of the Internet !!! (0)
Whats the point in making other people unhappy just because you are , me Ive not got enough hate in my heart for that sh*t if your doing well Ill chee
chilady 1 month 13 days ago
hi who loves ANIME.These r the ones i know: drangon ball Naruto; are the any anime groups on prodights pls let me know
kiddoflash 1 month 16 days ago
Love (0)
What is love all about
rosita111 1 month 19 days ago
date (0)
I''m looking for a guy who could take me to mc donald?
lisa_90 1 month 22 days ago
bbm 26E22B63 (2)
Add ya bbm's peeps, good to talk n mingle ha xx
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