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blank manurajjha
23/M Bihar India
I am happy
essences essences
im loving, caring and have a precious heart
drheart drheart
40/F IsraelPhilippines
Im sweet and have a precious heart
rman123 rman123
42/M Bryant
Im happily married. Im just looking for friends nothing else
blank vijayjs
25/M ChennaiIndia
Vry much frank, jovial n joly type n much talkitv wth humour
boomjmr boomjmr
36/M Chicago
I like to draw, read, write raps, skateboard and play games.
blank janetcollins
37/F Louisville
Am a good woman.but got heartbrokened so many times .so stay away from me scams
asianfemalejx asianfemalejx
37/F USA
i am fatjx that my other profile from here but i being wanted to change my user name so i made this
laa5ernafass laa5ernafass
29/F florida
blank dsm515
36/M Iowa
idk :-)
curseofc Bb
27/F Augusta, Georgia
-insert pretentious sh*t about myself here-
blank ndowd1
54/M Minnesota
cak7 cak7
41/F USA
mother of 3 and grandmother of 3
29/F City.
~*~Old-Fashioned Angel Sprinkles~*~ (a Sailor Moon and Anime fan and a.k.a. ~*~Red-Celestial-Aria. ~
blkthunder blkthunder
47/M Oakland
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