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neymarjunoir 21 days ago
Neymar Junior (0)
Pls join Neymar Junior group
torlahzy 24 days ago
Friend (0)
Add Me Up I'm New Here
frtune 1 month 11 days ago
Add me up :D (0)
Pls add up need more buds O:-)
sophia2016 1 month 12 days ago
My blog (0)
Will I start a blog??
juda 1 month 22 days ago
Have a wonderful day (0)
Hi people am juda searching for a wonderful girl
qdeerichie 1 month 29 days ago
Cherish your time (1)
I give myself happiness by cherishing the tym I spent with my loved 1s,but I cannot kill myself bcos of some1.Qdeerichie
sk206 2 months 3 days ago
no face (0)
not my faces
students 2 months 7 days ago
Happy new day (0)
Happy new day to you all
jhayjhay 2 months 13 days ago
MORE (1)
Pls add me pls join my group
dauphindarlington 2 months 16 days ago
LIFE (2)
This world aint a pleasant place to be without someone to hold or be held by
najradam 2 months 17 days ago
Naijazone (0)
This is reference to my very first WAP site in the glory days of when mobile phones were fun
gemmastone 2 months 22 days ago
Need help with this on malice. And someone I know. (0)
Need help with this on malice, rudeness and sin. This on someone I know who was Biblically intelligent skills and this about the 1940's and I like blu
lirio27 2 months 22 days ago
doubleu 2 months 26 days ago
Decision (0)
It's determines your destiny
ricky112 2 months 29 days ago
Beamer. (2)
African girly come in hop in my beamer, you really know me I wanna take you for dinner sunbath.gif
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