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azazelsservant 3 days ago
Anyone interested? (1)
Anyone Interested? She lay wide awake even though her eyes were closed. She wished she could sleep although she didnt actually didnt feel tired. Sh
rexgt 5 days ago
rex sweet (0)
eshonzur 6 days ago
Am a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, GOD's own special to proclaim HIS praises
bruhmachine 6 days ago
First blog post. (0)
This is my first out of(hopefully)lots of posts. If you want2chat.gif then hit me up cheers.gif
blaze3 9 days ago
Real love (0)
If you love someone and you can give for him thats true love but if she/he ask you someting and he/she gives you it is real love
emmy75 12 days ago
writting community (0)
This writting community ( is built to let every one share his/her story online for free. Start your journey of writtin
slttybabe 18 days ago
Love lees (0)
Want more buds xx
eaoelvis 21 days ago
City vs village (0)
City is far better than Village,who is with me
sam023 22 days ago
timing (0)
what is d diffrence between vaccine and injection
cah1964 26 days ago
Moods (1)
Hi i hope every1 is in a calm+peaceful mood
louiserichard 26 days ago
how to make a trust and real sure invest (0)
have been studying all investment i have never fall for any scarmmer if you are making investment you don't understand contact me
m.k200 29 days ago
To my friend (0)
If i m not answering from 3min and i m online then understand i m offline
larric 1 month ago
New movie (0)
Hey guy new series coming outTHE PROTECTORS AGE OF THE DIETYwhat do you think
hayatabdu 1 month 2 days ago
my name is Hayat Abdu (2)
i have a dreem
ichie 1 month 9 days ago
Ichie (0)
I'm looking for a serious relationship
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