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Happy 20th Birthday PRODIGITS!
6th October 2001

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mrtimalvey 18 hours ago
forex trading: (0)
Invest 10% of your money and get 30% monthly as your salary.But you have to register first to our website.
godswillbliss 1 day ago
Felling vibes (0)
happydance.gif whatsup guys
laura29 1 day ago
Rate (0)
hi everyone here!
olawmark 1 day ago
Hey everyone (0)
Am single and i need a women to mingle with.
peterjoe 5 days ago
Invention (0)
Battery,copper wire,magnet
omutakaroseous 10 days ago
Muyanja marvin MICK (1)
I ma nic boy in uganda
marvel2002 19 days ago
Boyfriend (0)
I need a boyfriend
jaiye 20 days ago
Me (0)
Hi i'm jaiye i'm new here, i'm looking forward to find a best match
elenun 20 days ago
Facebook talk (0)
Who down facebook open it for us pls o we are beg you me to am beg you pls
muzammilsoft 20 days ago
Facebook Get Down (0)
Facebook and WhatsApp, Instagram are down
sarrah 22 days ago
My lines (0)
I don't wanna sip my alcohol, i don't wanna go back to where i dey before, i don't wanna go back to my previous life no more
wieuguotmaduok 27 days ago
good night (0)
i greet you all
itzjptouch 30 days ago
Sociality (0)
U can contact and stay intouch with more on facebook:itz john pc nanaweiebi, and also 0n,: itzjohnpcnanaweie,stay connected thank u
kingss5 30 days ago
Greatness (0)
Fight your fear
sunbeam11 1 month ago
Add me up (1)
I'm new here Please all add up Please?
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