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solayof 10 days ago
Xbfjsh (0)
darrin2 13 days ago
Family (0)
I found this new family that loves me online
airwalkr 16 days ago
Blogs. (2)
Blogs blogs blogs blog blog blogging blogged blog blog blog. Whew. Blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog blog.... What? We're you exp
twiroboot 22 days ago
BLOG (0)
Am new here, and bably need a friend [blog] to chat with!!
mavinort 1 month 4 days ago
Relationship (0)
I need a good girlfriend for a serious relationship
opanaintjoe 1 month 25 days ago
Starter_ (0)
pinksy 1 month 29 days ago
Free online games (0)
Free online mobile games links can be found in ourlittleworlds group. find amazing games like 1 happy tower 2 amazing pets 3 titan
gido 2 months 4 days ago
game (0)
williamjohn 2 months 10 days ago
Lover (0)
Hello i am new here i join this website to get a lover a caring woman who will stand by me
bilal786naidoo 2 months 30 days ago
Me (0)
Aka Da Crow
marvelrichie 4 months 8 days ago
house for fun (2)
An ibo man open a new zoo and made the entry fee 5000,nobody came he reduce it to 2000 and then 1000 yet the zoo was empty. So he made it free and the
melon5k 4 months 8 days ago
Way point (1)
Rate prodigits ?
osieyiza69 4 months 8 days ago
China (2)
China is one of the most advanced country in the world.drop ur own thought about china
ristics 4 months 9 days ago
love (2)
love is not always about sex
mavinjay 4 months 9 days ago
Need love (0)
I need a girl to be in a relationship with
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