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Happy 20th Birthday PRODIGITS!
6th October 2001

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blank mysticmoon
40/F USA
Im not your backoff
john650 john650
58/M USA
I'm a nice person,. NOT GOOD LOOKING,. But have a big heart
john514 John Hannah
57/M Hamilton
Just a nice guy
mok214 mok214
53/M Welling , Oklahoma
Life is way too short to take it that seriously, try to have more fun folks.
njlucky5 njlucky5
48/M USA
pahoney Jennifer
33/F Pennsylvania
I'm just your average girl from pa usa
blank jane34
33/F usa
blkthunder blkthunder
48/M Oakland
Erotic chocolate mm
jim580 jim580
55/M USA
steveo28 steveo28
30/M wouldnt you like to
country boy
blank yungman19
19/M Texas
swt78 Sweet
41/F Philippines
Simple, Faithful and True.
blank frndly1
53/M Canada
White male
nonop Nonop
29/F Indonesia Pontianak
blank amysexy6
28/F ohio
i talk to girls ONLY
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