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blank 78eddie
44/M Scotland
Chat with girls and pass the time
spicebomb spicebomb
39/M find me
blank mysticmoon
42/F USA
br33zy Bree
40/F Guess you will have to ask to find out .
Ask maybe Ill tell you <3 (I don't accept random buds I've never spoken to before)
sammy25 Ian brindle
55/M Blackburn
Im lookin 4 my soulmate who take me 4 who i am !!!
caligua caligua
84/M Europe
This night has opened my eyes and I will never sleep again
blank craigos83
36/M Devon
silentbo silent boy
27/M Pakistan
I'm sensitive but generally I'm a nice person ...
doodle57 doodle57
63/M UK
athenaxx Louise
36/F UK
blank normyboy
35/M Wakefield
garry38 Garry
44/M UK
blank pompyguy
44/M South Coast
blank treckbox
32/M Kanu Nigeria
aquamanx aquamanx
32/M UK
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