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ediroy November 2022
Wanna make some friends .. Females pls
ediroy August 2019
There is wickedness in this World, those you think are your friends, those you thought they love you, might be behind your suffering.. Lady was po
ediroy August 2019
This is amazing, Lady complained of s moving object on her stomach, causing lots of pain and sicknesses ... She is from South Africa, she happen
ediroy September 2014
What You Say Is What You See. Your Picture Is Your Future. What You Picture Is What You Capture.
ediroy April 2014
The Word Of God Is Power. If U Have The Word In U, Then U Hav The Light. U'll Be Like The Only Open Eye Amongst The Blind, U'll Be Like An Oasis In Th
ediroy April 2014
Put Up The Mandate Of Reconciliation So That U Would Be Reconciled With God.(2corinthians 5:18-21).
ediroy November 2013
Jesus Is The Begining And The Finisher Of Ur Faith. Just Trust And Believe In Him And He Will See U Through.
ediroy September 2013
aspire to acqire ur desire but if in the process u pespire,dn't retire but refire to acqire the desire which u admire.


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