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Nigerians should stop voting part. 2

The politicians manifestoes are now like novels,they use the best grammar,literary devices,even sweet-mouth as we call and deceive us,tossing us to and fro like babies. Babies? Guy,there are millions of +18's in Nigeria,so why should we Nigerians continue to be like children,carried away by every wind of manifestoe,by the cunning of politicians and their craftiness in deceitful wiles! (Eph 4:14). So? Whats wrong? OUR VOTES! They are as meaningless as a child casting a sweet in a gutter in his backyard. We are tired of this,its beginning to seem like the interests of Nigerians do not even matter,more like we don't exist. There's proof of this. Abacha's children claimed that even if the EFCC takes away the billions their family laundered,they would never be as poor as Dangote! DANGOTE! Men,that guy is the richest man in Africa. Its because of politicians that the word money laundering came alive. Why not? When they wash our country's money like say na their pant! I'm tired of this.

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