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Addressing The issue on Purgatory

My warm greetings and twale to you brethren
reading this blog, please know that amakvitaa is not
just writing out of knowledge but also out of
inspiration, and i was moved to write this when a
recent argument sprang up amongst believers about
the validity of the Purgatory.
the bible, the Quran and other holy writings speak
about two destinations of man after death, heaven or
hell, and believe me it is the truth.
So how did this understanding of purgatory came
about?, from the holy Quran no unclean man shall
see GOD ,from the holy bible all have sin and come
short of the glory of GOD, it also says some will be
saved as though they have passed through a fire
So, comparing these two holy scriptures, this is
certain, that everyone have sined graviously and
despite forgiveness, all have come short of the glory
of GOD, also, that no unclean man shall see God, so
does that mean no man shall see God?, certainly no,
again it says that some will be saved as they that have
passed through the fire. this is how the idea of
Purgatory came about.
Purgatory not a place neither is it a destination, but
rather it is a passage of suffering through which the
righteous whom have come short of the glory of God
can be saved.
It is just like someone who wrote an entrance
examination into a university, but because he did not
reach the score they demanded, he will have to go
through a one year preliminary, after which he can
be granted admission.
That is just what purgatory is all about, so dont get
yourself confused by false doctrines. This is the truth,
you can call purgatory whatever you want, to me it is
a passage.
Well, it seems most people dont believe in purgatory,
maybe because they do not fully understand, but let
me ask you, do you think you are holy enough to
enter heaven without being cleansed in that
passage?, its yours to answer.
In conclusion, we should not even think passing
through that fire, cos heaven is our goal and i will be
glad to see you there. I have written a letter to the un-
believers , telling them about the validity of the
existence of God.

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