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My Dream

My Dream Is About My Dream Is Not About What My Dream Love Relationship

When I was a young high school age. I had about people's who die in a field. There would be people's in lab coat's with board note paper. Writing name of people's who die's there. That all I could remember at that point.

This one dream I had. I can't remember what age I was. I think I was young 20 ness. So I had dream about two Earth's one new one that was still in made. The other one was old one. That all I can remember.

There this other dream I had. I don't remember what age I was. I think I still was young adult. I had dream that I had tattoo of dear's on my body running though me. That all I can remember.

My latest dream I had was about. Well I had a cousin who die on some thing. In my dream she was in it. She told me not go there. But I did any ways. I saw uncle. I say Uncle then I follow him. But there was there 3 little girl's. One of girl fall. I reach my hand to her. You can get up. Then I some how dark ally. There was a ganger fight going on. Then there this guy name Sake. He told me that me. I wish I haven't become a ganger. I wanted to own my own restaurant. Then I wake up.

My latest dream.
I dream that some what or some how I don't know why I dream of this.
On ground I see die pig's head's every where. Some were full pig's head's and some where cut in half. That all I can remember.

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