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garion September 2013
As all my images were on a host that's disappeared, please be patient, this could take a while.. UPDATE 9/9/13 All Blogs fixed apart from the 'Message For You' one, which involves trying to find the sound files and re-host them, so it'll stil
garion January 2012
We all know how easy it is to attach an image to your email, but wouldn't you rather have your image showing in the email itself? You ca
garion January 2012
If you don't have a PC, and you want to get a section of an mp3, read on.. Perhaps the track you want to set as a ringtone starts too quietly for it to be any use, or you just want it to start at the 'good bit' grin.gif or the chorus..[
garion January 2012
Ok, I thought I'd clear this up once and for all... I DON'T RUN A BUD LIST. There are a number of reasons for this, but first, check out
garion January 2012
Ok, so lots of people have had problems referencing images into their Prodigits blogs. Yeah, I know you know how to do it, (smart
garion January 2012
NONE OF THE LINKS ON THIS PAGE WORK but they will eventually (see 'Fixing My Blogs') [b]It seems to be quite difficult to obtain


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