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Wapsite pics.

Ok, so lots of people have had problems referencing images into their Prodigits blogs.

Yeah, I know you know how to do it, smartass.gif but many people don't, and it's difficult to explain in the forums as the relevant symbols don't show up.

Now before I start, let me point out that there's an excellent tutorial on your main blog page called 'blog help', but if you're still confused...

First you should know that you need to surround the URL of your image with 'img' tags, in, and I can't stress this enough - FLAT-SIDED brackets (these should be somewhere in your phones 'symbols/punctuation' menu, and look like this: [], 'But garion - I don't know how to find the URL of my image..' I hear you cry cry2.gif. Fear not..

If you have Opera Mini on your phone - and if not, why not? Get it here, you may be able to upload your pic - for details of upload sites, do a Google Search or check the Prodigits s60 forum for 'Upload Sites' which'll be in 'pinned topics' at the foot of the forum.

But let's say you want to reference an image from a webpage into your blog - using Opera Mini for instance, go to Google Advanced Image Search and enter your search terms: say you were searching for a pic of Scooby Doo lol.gif, you'd enter the words 'scooby doo' in the box and hit 'search', the page will then refresh with lots of Scooby pics, click on one and the page will refresh with a thumbnail of your chosen pic with 'see full-size image' below it - click on the 'see full-size image' link, and whilst only the pic is on your screen, press ,7 to bookmark it, now you'll get two boxes: one with the page title, the second one with the URL - copy out the second one - you've now got the URL of your Scooby pic hurray.gif

Now let's say the URL of your Scooby pic is:, what you'd do is surround it with img tags as follows: [ img][ /img], but NOTE:.. I've had to leave spaces between the brackets and the 'img', because otherwise it'd go try fetch an image, but when you do it, you won't will you? no2.gif, and when you don't you'll get:


That's All Folks!


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