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I don't run a bud list..

Ok, I thought I'd clear this up once and for all...

I DON'T RUN A BUD LIST. There are a number of reasons for this, but first, check out the buddy list line in the pic below..


Reason 1.Some time ago, when I helped out people in one of the phone forums, I'd get 30 to 40 requests a week... Not a problem you might think, but I'd find people literally lying in wait for me to turn up, and then the pop-ups would come flooding in..'where can I download x''how do I delete y' etc. I'm always happy to help out if I can, but being unable to casually browse the site without being assailed on all sides by questions can be a bit of a pain...

Reason 2.I tend to dive into Prodigits, check my message box, check to see if there's any forum questions I understand and can answer lol.gif and then dive out again, basically, I'm not here long enough to pop..

Reason 3.I've always thought the whole bud thing a bit intrusive. Every step you take you're monitored by CCTV cameras, I really don't need to feel that my every action is logged by hundreds of people everytime I visit prodigits.

There you go. I sound like a right miserable, paranoid git. Oh yeah, that's another reason... grin.gif


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