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How to: cut mp3's online.


If you don't have a PC, and you want to get a section of an mp3, read on..

Perhaps the track you want to set as a ringtone starts too quietly for it to be any use, or you just want it to start at the 'good bit' grin.gif or the chorus..

NOTE: you can use this method whatever make and model of phone you have, provided it can play and download mp3s.

Three things:
1. You have to provide the URL of the mp3. If you can't find it on the web but you have it on your phone, upload it somewhere and give that URL.
2. You have to specify a start point (in kb)
3. You have to specify an end point (in kb)

2 and 3 sound tricky, but in actuality are less so. If you want the first 30 seconds enter 0 as the start point and 235 as the end for mono tracks or between 350 and 400 for stereo.

But what if I want it to start halfway through? you may well ask..

Easy, play the track through till it comes to the bit you want, and make a note of the time. Say you had a 2.3 meg mp3 that's 3 min 25 long, and the bit you wanna start with starts at 2 minutes and 13 seconds.. you'd divide 3min25sec (205sec) by 2min13sec (133sec) giving...

Hang on (exits prodigits to use calculator)

...obviously 1.54 I mean I knew that, really...

Then you'd divide 2300 (the size) by 1.54 to get the kilobyte start point which is obviously...

1493, and that's your 'start' point, use the same procedure to find your 'end' point, or if you want it to run on to the end of the track you'd enter 2300 (for the above example).

Ok, got it all sorted? URL, start point and end point written down and memorized? nod.gif

Excellent, then go: Cut It! and fill in the three boxes, and click on 'cut it'. Within seconds you'll get a clickable link to the cut mp3. Enjoy! 2thumbs_up.gif

In most cases your 'start point' calculation wouldn't be EXACTLY accurate, you can bet your life it'd start halfway through a note or something, but then you could have another go using 1490 as a start point or whatever.

Although you can have as many goes as you like, it's worth remembering that to hear each version you'll have to download a file the same size as the difference between your start and end points (if you were doing it from 0 to 235 it'd be 235kb) so it'll help if you've got flat-rate or very cheap GPRS.


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