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How to: insert images in your emails.

We all know how easy it is to attach an image to your email, but wouldn't you rather have your image showing in the email itself?

You can only do this from a PC or a browser that'll render your full email providers website (Opera Mini won't do this as it takes you to the wapsite, but Opera Mobile will do just fine). Your provider also has to have a 'rich text/graphics' option (Yahoo does, but Gmail doesnt)

Right have a look at the text below, and copy it out. PLEASE NOTE: the main Prodigits site won't display this kind of html code, so the code below is an IMAGE, hence you won't be able to copy/paste in your browser - if you need to do so, check the equivalent blog on my Pro wapsite (while it's still there).


Got that? Ok, if you change the 'your text here' to whatever you want to say in your mail, and give the URL of the image you want to appear where it says: 'your image here', you'll be off and running

For example, if I change the text to: 'See how easy it is?' and give the URL to one of my pics stored online where it says: 'your image here', you get:


Now obviously, that's about as basic as it gets - one pic on a white background with black text, but that's just to get you started hehe.gif, you can change the background colour (or change it to an image), font size and colour, layout and many other features, but this is intended as just a quick tutorial for anyone who wants to insert one pic in a basic email. For detailed help on creating more elaborate html presentations and emails (if you're using a PC or Opera Mini) check out the excellent and useful tutorials here


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