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garyd2020 Anybody here Is there ne1 there x
tgirljess Evening
ks2716 Hi anyone here
tgirljess Morning all
garyd2020 Uk guys come find me and pm me
tremrz heya RyanHello2.gif
ryanoxx Hi tremrz
tremrz in for a few minsWave.gif
ryanoxx Anyone? lol
garyd2020 Uk guys pm me
oldabim hi... ne1 here???
xbbrox bbl gone
xbbrox yawn.gif
xbbrox lol jess nope
tremrz Lolly.gif
tgirljess Still not house trained bb lol
xbbrox tea2.gif
hadinho Hello
tgirljess Afternoon folks
anchorman Laters Jess
bigben69 Well still be safe jess n careful
anchorman Same here, glad I'm not frontline
tgirljess Talking of which breaks over gotta get back ttfn boys x
tgirljess Its essential but not front line or owt
tgirljess I've been using tea bags lol
bigben69 If ur working means ur essential so ty Jess
anchorman Clarins eye cream will sort that out Jess
tgirljess Nothing exciting ben
tgirljess Going to take me another 6 months to get bags out my eyes lmao