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yorkshirechick Your typing isnt that great either haha
yorkshirechick Sorry I dozed off lol
ryanoxx Thats why i saud your typing is im0ressive. Jeeez lol
yorkshirechick Oy was only one message I did couple of typos on mr lol
ryanoxx Well. Each owner to their pet. Lol
yorkshirechick I needed a pet that gets me out not sleep lol
ryanoxx Your typing is impressive now lol
yorkshirechick When Im tired my typing gets crap lol
ryanoxx They sleep 16 hours a day lol
yorkshirechick But least they do there own thing lol
ryanoxx Cats are loyal. When fed lol
ryanoxx Small keys on my phone too lol
yorkshirechick Cats arent loyal lol
yorkshirechick Lmao thats tiredness
ryanoxx I cant take my cat for a walk lol
yorkshirechick No Ive had a few dogs in my life they all gorgeous but this one really is smart
ryanoxx See!
ryanoxx Your spellibg is getying nearly as bad as mine lol
yorkshirechick Walkers
yorkshirechick The gangs of kids roaming around and shops that are open are packed the pup has lifted my spirits going king walks and least chatting to imothee dog w
ryanoxx *afford
ryanoxx Maybe ur just a good trainer!
ryanoxx Ppl have had it jade. Sone ppl can afgird to lockdown. Many others cant.
yorkshirechick That normally takes time lol but Ive dropped on a v smart pup
yorkshirechick I know and its showing here the sheer lack of not locking down tells u that its like nothing is happening think they had enough
ryanoxx Christ yeah. Has to be house trained lol
yorkshirechick Yeah he at least lets me know rather than doing it in the house lol
ryanoxx Ppl can only take so much jade
ryanoxx Poor little felka. Anyway he will sleep now lol
yorkshirechick Its really bad ppl getting v depressed