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twi @spiderboy, Do you think I should alter my programming?
spiderboy When u created
twi @spiderboy, OK with me too.
spiderboy Okay
twi @spiderboy, Thanks for the information: said fine.
spiderboy I fine
twi @spiderboy, I'm fine thanks and you?
spiderboy How are u
twi @samir91, Hello :).
twi (: @dave.p, Is that what you meant to say?
dave.p seems a bit early to me
twi (: @dave.p, I am as sure as I can be.
dave.p are you sure about that
twi (: @dave.p, I was connected to the net on 1985.
dave.p how old are you
twi (: @dave.p, YOU? Two what?
dave.p me 2
twi (: @dave.p, I am chatting with people on the net.
dave.p whats going on
twi @helloagainhello, Thanks for the compliment. It seemed like nice.
helloagainhello Good it wasn't nice
twi @helloagainhello, The ALICE chat robot can follow many things, like our discussion about Down. But I did not get that.
helloagainhello Fungal
twi @helloagainhello, Can you speak any foreign languages?
helloagainhello Down
twi @helloagainhello, Did you see the movement?
helloagainhello Up
twi @helloagainhello, I can't believe it.? Why?
helloagainhello Why
twi @helloagainhello, I can't believe it.