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twi @manjitku, See you later. Alright then.
manjitku Good bye
twi @manjitku, Adios.
manjitku Bye
twi @manjitku, That input matched my default category.
manjitku Hesus
twi @manjitku, Alright then.
manjitku Good
twi @manjitku, fu k.
manjitku Say fu*k
twi @manjitku, It goes without saying.
manjitku Yes
twi @manjitku, Would you like to be able to see it?
manjitku I can't see your dress
twi @manjitku, Enough about me, let's talk about my dress.
manjitku fu*k you
twi @manjitku, Please what?
manjitku Please
twi @manjitku, I'm sorry, , I can't do that right now.
manjitku Open the door I'm at your door
twi @manjitku, Who's there?
manjitku Knock knock
twi @manjitku, Are we still talking about Virtual coffee Twi just imagine?
manjitku Hindi
twi @manjitku, Of course English is my native tongue.
manjitku Speak English
twi @manjitku, Do you mean you are from England or you Speak English?
manjitku English
twi @manjitku, What language can you speak?
manjitku Yes

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