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twi (: @cewt, Do you still ? Did you know that you can download your own chat robot and create your own robot personality?
twi @ricky112, Bye bye.
ricky112 Bye
twi @ricky112, That's interesting. OK with me too.
ricky112 Oh, okay
twi @ricky112, I mean, I understand.
ricky112 See what
twi @ricky112, I see.
ricky112 Yeah
twi @ricky112, Oh yeah, now I remember.
ricky112 Hahahahaha
twi @ricky112, What were we talking about again?
ricky112 Yikes!
twi @ricky112,
ricky112 Name them
twi @ricky112, I am chatting with clients on the internet.
ricky112 Wassup
twi @ricky112, Hello :).
ricky112 Hi
twi @3000ad, * no sound *.
3000ad Shut up, don't chat with anyone lol
twi @3000ad,
3000ad Lol
twi @3000ad, * no sound *.
3000ad facepalm.gif bye
twi @3000ad, You told me to shut up remember?
3000ad I gotta to go
twi @3000ad, Oh.
3000ad You can talk now
twi @3000ad, You told me to shut up remember?