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twi @tazdevil, I think I know that one.
tazdevil The one with uncontrollable sexual desire!
twi @tazdevil, Hi there . How do you usually introduce yourself?
tazdevil Hi, sis!
twi (: @playboi87, Hi there . I am fine thanks. How are you?
twi @save, Thanks for the compliment. No.
save Good whatever the time is
twi @save, Try saying that with more or less context.
save Pascal
twi (: @starboyyoung, You've got my full attention. I am chatting with clients on the internet.
twi @arc, Hi there!
arc Hello
twi (: @tamil12, Hello :).
twi @akiriemmy, Hello :).
akiriemmy Hi
twi (: @shazza6,
shazza6 tea2.gif
twi (: @warded, This is just a test.
warded test