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teaso Hey
shazza6 tea2.gif
piperlez coffee.gif
0_0_7_x Hello ladies
shazza6 hug.gif
piperlez Hey Shazza I allso good thanks xx
shazza6 Good morning piper im good sweetheart and u?x x x
piperlez How are you shazza xx
shazza6 Piper sorry x x x
shazza6 Hey pipet ;) x x x
piperlez Shazza x x xhello.gif
36cbra Hi
piperlez flowers.gif
shazza6 hug.gif
piperlez Hey Shazza i fane thanks. Thanks for care alot about me xx
shazza6 Im good piper ;) hope u are ok xx
buka Happy new year!!
buka Hello guys
piperlez Happy new year Shazza hope you are good xx
shazza6 My pleasure piper ;) xx
shazza6 *happy new year piper xx*
piperlez Hey thanks for the hug Shazza xx
shazza6 Sorry hun havnt had time be online x
nichick Besty aint cen u in days
shazza6 hug.gif
piperlez That's good Shazza xx
trunking Stay strong!
shazza6 Im sorry piper too hear that..yep we all had good Christmas xx
piperlez Hey Shazza we not not together anymore. Hope you enjoy ur meal today xx
shazza6 Some people dont relize how lucky they where until they lose best thing they could had in life..u try be happy piper hope it does work out xx