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3000ad How en take happened?
kinglamba Who
ricky112 Those guys provoked me
3000ad ...@ricky
3000ad I dey fine guy. This one we no dey see your brake light again fir here. Wetin happen?
3000ad Check my profile
ricky112 3000ad sup
kinglamba Where are you from @3000ad
3000ad Yahoo no dey pay on a long run, trust me guy
3000ad why is it you so long, to blink me on whatsapp
3000ad Chat me up on whatspp, make we reason real legit biz abeg
3000ad Fixing ur yahoo client abi? angry.gif I saw ur chats with twi that day. Ure so young for that kind thing na @rick
3000ad Are you an Igbo, Hausa or Youruba? @Kmba
3000ad Oga mi Kamba, Im fine oh
3000ad Contact any of this site admin. They are the ones responsible for the chatroom creation
3000ad I don't think you guys are many @r.milla
ricky112 I was fixing something at that time lol.gif
kinglamba How are you
1rollins Hi
kinglamba Kul
r.milla Yeh boii Cameroonians use this site whats up
3000ad How body na
kinglamba Hello
3000ad Heeey Kamba ritual! How far now?
3000ad The fear of villagere are real. Lol. You self was awake at that time. Why?
3000ad My village pple showed me pepper. I cundnt earn any tron while others where sending their earning testimonies with the same mining bot on telegram
kinglamba Hi guys
ricky112 Lol, just observing
3000ad Do Cameroonians use this site?
3000ad Tron lunched their smart crypto contract. I had to stay awake and monitor the minning bot I used get more trx