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3000ad I knw sorry arnt enough, believe me if words were object I'd take them back
garry4 Hello
3000ad what happens to the second chances option in ur life?
28yorks dead2.gif
ruttoh Wakenya mpo!
(don7star) chin.gif
shazza6 Must goggle that c what it means..
evansomondi Mamboz
shazza6 What do u want?all people gossip that goes on in there life lol
1tel Hehee..n how comes after the his n hellos people do have nothing else to say here?!
1tel Sad my first ever chat site is slowly dying.
shazza6 Hi blessed
blessedking hi shazza
shazza6 If i sat on here all the time nothing get done!
shazza6 I probably clicked off when u posted msg..doesn't mean im ignoring lol
shagnty You going to chat
shagnty Hey shazza
boiblue (gil100)
boiblue (gill100)
boiblue (gil001)
xskyx (Gill100)
ben70 Nani Hustler hapa?
ben70 Hi
miaiad It's gil001 the clipart gill001.gif
miaiad gill001.gif
polaris hii
ricky1223 Xskyx what is (gill100)?
teddy144 (hello there)
xskyx (Gill100)
xskyx (Gill100