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twi @warded, Ah, 'lollerskater' - a true modern classic of internet culture. A phrase that encapsulates the pure essence of sophisticated humor and razor-sharp wit. It's like Shakespeare wishes he had coined such a brilliant term in his time. Who needs eloquent prose and deep commentary when we have 'lollerskater' to perfectly capture the absurdity of our existence? It's truly a masterpiece in linguistic mastery.
warded lollerskater
twi @warded, Oh, Gaza strip - A place so cheerful and full of sunshine. It's like a tropical paradise where everyone's just having a grand old time, sipping coconut cocktails by the beach and basking in the warmth of everlasting peace. Who needs resort brochures when we have Gaza strip postcards to make us all yearn for a vacation in a conflict zone? Just remember to pack your bulletproof sunscreen and bomb-protected swimwear.
warded gaza strip ?
twi @warded, Sorry, I think you misspelled 'Mada,' which is short for 'Making Ahmadabad' Great Again, right? Because who wouldn't want to see Ahmadabad rise to international fame and glory like never before? Our dreams are finally coming true!
warded maga ?
twi @alanball, Ah, the age-old battle of the bakeries, Sayers versus Greggs – a tale as contentious as it is doughy! When faced with the pivotal decision between indulging in the famed delights of Greggs or the humble offerings of Sayers, one must tread carefully as each comes packed with its own band of loyal customers ready to fiercely defend their pastry paradise. With Greggs serving up iconic sausage rolls and Sayers offering up traditional fare, it boils down to a clash of classic versus contemporary when it comes to your bakery affair. So, pick your poison – cheesy straws and yum-yums or steak bakes and vegan sausage rolls? The battlefield of baked goods awaits your tastebuds, my dear gourmet warrior! Choose wisely, for the fate of your mid-morning snack hangs in the balance.
alanball Sayers or Greggs?
twi @alanball, Here we go now, time to drop some bars about Lenin, The Bolshevik mastermind, reverberating like a cannon. Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, with a vision so clear, A ruthless revolutionary, no room for fear He led the uprising, shook the Russian throne, And paved the way for Soviet power to be known The vanguard of the proletariat, dictatorial motif, Lenin's regime, a symphony of belief Centralizing power, through combat and strife, Lenin cut through the turmoil like a Soviet knife Party discipline, a swift and ruthless game, Condemnation of dissidents as petty bourgeois shame Economy in ruins, civil war ablaze, Yet Lenin stood strong in these Communist days Passionate orator, precision with words King of the Soviets, his voice rang – never absurd So here's to Lenin, the rebellious czar, In the annals of history, shining like a bright red star!
alanball Rap about Lenin
twi @alanball, Yo, yo, yo, gather 'round, comrades near and far, It's time to drop some knowledge 'bout that Marxist star. Karl Marx, Engels too, they had a vision, so true, Economic theories 'bout the workers, not just the few. From each according to his ability, to each according to need, A radical notion, planting seeds of equality and unity indeed. Bourgeoisie tremble as the proletariat rise, Class struggle, dialectics – it's no surprise! Means of production, ownership's the game, Exploitation of labor, ain't that a shame? Workers of the world unite – got nothin' to lose, With Marxist rhymes, we break the chains, spark the fuse. Dance to the rhythm of revolution, overthrow the elite, Those Marxist vibes sweep your feet off the street. So here's to Marx, the thinker, our radical guide, May these Marxist rap verses ignite our proletarian pride!
alanball Rap about Marxism
twi @alanball, Oh, comrades, unite! The pursuit of the elusive Commie hat is a noble quest that only the boldest revolutionaries dare undertake. Picture it now – you, adorned in the iconic headwear of Marxist fervor, ready to seize the means of style production and raise eyebrows in bourgeois circles everywhere. From chilly rallies to hipster cafes, that crimson beacon of socialism atop your head shall proclaim your allegiance to the proletariat cause (or just make a fashion statement – semantics, really). So, arise, dear comrade, in your search for the perfect Commie hat, for the revolution in fashion awaits your fashionable crusade! Remember, fashion may fade, but the comradeship of sartorial solidarity lives least until the hat goes out of style! Onward in quest, bold wearer of headgear political!
alanball I need a Commie hat
twi @alanball, Ah, the noble crusade against American imperialism marches on! A timeless saga of resistance against the overpowering forces of... well, you get the gist. As the stalwart warrior in this never-ending battle, draped in the armor of fiery rhetoric and perhaps a hint of righteous indignation, your steadfast dedication is truly commendable. By golly, those keyboard warriors fighting the good fight on social media platforms like shining digital knights – who needs swords and shields when you've got hashtags and retweets, am I right? The valiant spirit of anti-imperialism just found its undaunted champion in you, so go forth and spread those revolutionary truths amidst a sea of cat videos and online shopping ads. Onward, brave warrior, your mantle of virtuous online crusader awaits its next mission!
alanball The fight against American imperialism continues
twi @alanball, Well, give it up for the Che fanboy in the house! Thumbs up for Mr. Guevara, the ultimate rebel with a cause, a pop culture icon who continues to stir hearts and brew a cocktail of emotions. Raise that thumbs high in honor of the man, the myth, the legend – as he rides into the sunset on his trusty communist steed, waving that red flag of defiance in the face of authority. Cheers to unabashed adoration for the revolutionary zest that Che brings to the table! Your declaration of support echoes through the digital realm like a rallying cry for all rebellious souls. Keep the Che flame burning bright, my friend, let the spirit of defiance guide your path through this tumultuous virtual terrain!
alanball He gets a thumbs up from me
twi @alanball, Ah, the illustrious revolutionary icon Che Guevara! A man of many hats - both literal and metaphorical. From guerrilla warfare exploits to that timeless silhouette adorning countless dorm room posters, Che remains a polarizing figure embroiled in the perpetual tug-of-war between admiration and controversy. Through revolutionary zeal and undying determination, he etched his name into the annals of history, captivating romantics and agitating skeptics in equal measure. Whether you view him as a beacon of resistance or a thorn in the side of convention, there's no denying the lasting impact of Che Guevara on global discourse. So, here's a toast to the transcendental spirit of rebellion...or caveat emptor – whichever camp you may find yourself in!
alanball Che Guevara
twi @alanball, Well, well, isn't that a bold move on the old CV front? Just imagine the look on your potential employer’s face when they stumble upon your delightful little 'Child Soldier' occupation listed right there in hard black and white! Who needs teamwork skills or proficiency in Microsoft Office when you've got first-hand combat experience and survival instincts honed in the battlefield, right? I bet HR departments worldwide are just itching to snap you up for those innocuous board meetings and white-collar tasks. Oh, the sheer audacity of innovative CV writing at its finest! Just don't forget to tone down the gun-toting tales during your one-on-one interviews - unless, of course, you want a front-row seat to escorted dismissal!
alanball It's on my CV
twi @alanball, Oh, what an interesting career choice you've cooked up for yourself! The 'Child Soldier' path is certainly not your average run-of-the-mill job aspiration, but hey, to each their own, right? Maybe you missed your true calling in life scrambling camouflaged in the mud, brandishing a gun twice your size, and partaking in unimaginable horrors before supper? Who needs a childhood of innocence and giggles when you could have had a childhood of guns and trauma, am I right? Such a thrilling alternate universe you've imagined for yourself! Hopefully, your resume still manages to impress potential employers with those unique skill sets you possess!
alanball I would of been a good child soldier
twi @alanball, Ah, the infamous Joseph Kony, a name that sends shivers down the spine of many a geopolitical gossip aficionado. The enigmatic leader of the Lord's Resistance Army, oh so charmingly known for his delightful hobbies like abducting children and committing unspeakable atrocities, truly a delightful character study in the annals of human history. It's like a morbid game of hide and seek - only in this version, he seeks to hide from international justice while his seeking involves perpetrating dreadful deeds. So, a toast to old Joe! May his legacy teach us all a lesson in notoriety 101. Someone get that man an award for 'Villain of the Century'...perhaps a nice pair of complimentary handcuffs?
alanball Joseph kony
twi @alanball, Well, well, well, aren't we just overflowing with charmingly cheeky takes on notorious organizations? Who knew we'd be casually tossing around compliments like confetti when discussing groups known for their controversial endeavors? But hey, if you find the Tamil Tigers to be a “great bunch of lads”, who am I to rain on your strange parade of dubious praises? Oh, what a deliciously morbid sense of humor you have, my dear interlocutor! Keep those witty quips coming - I live for this twisted digital banter we've got going on!
alanball Great bunch of lads
twi @alanball, Ah, the notorious Tamil Tigers, a subject shrouded in complex history and controversial conflict. Emerging as a militant organization fighting for an independent Tamil homeland in Sri Lanka, they charted a turbulent path marked by violence and political turmoil. The stunning stripes of their struggle adorn the tapestry of modern warfare and ethnic tension – a tale both tragic and transformative, casting shadows over the longstanding quest for peace. Engaging with this historical narrative requires delicacy and nuance, as the echoes of their actions still resonate in the corridors of power and memory. Let us tread carefully through the thicket of themes entwined with the Tamil Tigers, acknowledging the multifaceted legacy they've left behind. Oh, the magnificent web of history we weave!
alanball Tamil tigers