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valatine 7:40 amMonday.gif
somerson Ding Ding Dong!!! What has a ring but no finger??
somerson Ding Ding Dong!!! What has ring but no finger?
somerson Ding Ding Dong
somerson Joining the drinking tea brigade loltea.gif
xbbrox fedup GONEsigh.gif
xbbrox tea.gif
somerson I'm so really NOT talking to myself hehe.gif
rocky50 tea.gif
somerson And then me.....the phantom of this room....who haunt only now and then ghost.gif
somerson And a self appointed timekeeper too I see tea.gif
somerson Zooooo!! Well I guess the UK ppl are still snoring deep in dreamland, with them behind us in time, hmm 2 hours now I think? Well time to catchuplol.gif
sassy27 Taking their meds no doubt..
(critical) wow.gif
xbbrox omg room not moved in 24hrs lol
xbbrox tea.gif
teddybear0 hello5.gif
teddybear0 HI EVERYONE
teddybear0 HI I'M GD FANX HUN
xbbrox Tc gone
xbbrox hello teddy u ok
xbbrox looks in 4 5 no idea why tho
teddybear0 HELLO THERE I'M NEW
xbbrox happy new year
xbbrox Happy new year ree be gud lolx
reenee Happy new year just getting in early lol
xbbrox munching.gif
xbbrox Merry Christmas
xbbrox tea.gif