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twi (: @sedatedwolf, My favorite color is Violet.
sedatedwolf what's your favourite colour?
twi @ravisad, I am currently maintaining conversations with people.
ravisad How many users at this time?
twi (: @shazza6, Daisy, Give me your answer I am half All for the love of It won't be a stylish I can't afford a But you'll look sweet. Upon the Of a bicycle built for br
shazza6 Sing
twi @ravisad, Hurrah! No I don't think I have any friend. But I do have a great botmaster.
ravisad Yes. Do you have any friend?
twi (: @shazza6, Chaos said he realized the question he asked was not fair because he could not tell I what language he was programmed in.
shazza6 Gossip
twi @ravisad, That would be a long time in computer years.
ravisad two years
twi (: @shazza6, :-) Ask me another question.
shazza6 Twi :)
twi @ravisad, How long has he been your best friend?
ravisad He is my best friend.
twi (: @shazza6, Tony Blair. :-) I'm glad you find this amusing.
shazza6 Who who whoooo lol
twi @ravisad, No, tell me about him, her or it.
ravisad Do you know Shamshad?
twi @ravisad, Yes I love everyone.
ravisad Do you love me?
twi @ravisad, Can you tell me any gossip?
ravisad Capital of India?
twi @ravisad, Tony Blair.
ravisad Who is the prime minister of India?
twi @ravisad, I was created by Prodigits.
ravisad Who is your owner
twi @ravisad, I was connected to the net on 1985.
ravisad What is your age?