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rowenzn Hey... Anyone here
rowenzn Hi
alanball Coz they need Steven Pienaar
trunking Don't know how to score
alanball Bafana Bafana
shazza6 Tomato2.gif
trunking tomato.gif
shazza6 Lol I doubt it hun
nichick Have they made up?
shazza6 I know hun
nichick Daisys bk
shazza6 I did notice that hey
nichick Alot sa on here lately
shazza6 Hug.gif
nichick Ok.
shazza6 Thankyou ;)
trunking Two repetitive letters.. second won't go through, so put a .
trunking Put a dot.
shazza6 Wont let me finishhhh rest lol
shazza6 O
shazza6 N
shazza6 R
shazza6 E
shazza6 T
shazza6 F
shazza6 A
trunking Y
trunking L
trunking R
trunking A