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yorkshirechick That would be a dream shazza lol
shazza6 Do we really have too get up lol on a Sundayyyy..
yorkshirechick Pmsl all were sleeping
yorkshirechick Been freezing here
woblegob lol.gif
woblegob Suns out, lovely day, wake up u fkazzzz
ola25 sleep2.gif
yorkshirechick Sleep2.gif
yorkshirechick Hmm lol
yorkshirechick Chin.gif
rickydina Hahahahahahaa choi oh boi
yorkshirechick damn cold CrikeyDuvet.gif
yorkshirechick Pmpl.gif
yorkshirechick Not sure till I honk it
woblegob what's funny bout my horn eh. Lolhammer.gif
yorkshirechick Sleep.gif
yorkshirechick Reading2.gif
yorkshirechick Im a TEA person myself coffee makes me pee to much u have a good day )
yorkshirechick Shazza sorry about earlier between my son n the dog they dont like me sitting down wtf lol
yorkshirechick horn ehPmpl.gif
woblegob Seeya don't work too hard
woblegob Next time I'm on M1 Yorkshire Ile give u a blast on horn lol
shazza6 Im off hun got work ..and i need coffeee u take care chat soon xx
shazza6 Thats true hun..think the ones all alone n the elderly aswel really sad
yorkshirechick But at least Ive had company unlike many ppl locked down alone
shazza6 Oh hun shouldn't be too much longer i hope things get bk too be hard for u xx
yorkshirechick Nice cant remb the last time I ate out or with family n friends just been me my son n puppy lol
shazza6 Doing (BBQ) tonight we got long weekend
shazza6 Thanks hun ..i hope it all goes bk too normal over there for u soon xx
yorkshirechick I hope you have a great weekend shazza n the Capri guy mr wobble Too lol x