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+ You must obey the chat rules, otherwise your account will be blocked.
+ Write /f username to search for a user in chat. For example: "/f twilight"
+ You can send private messages (PM) to a user in chat.
+ You can block a user from sending you private messages and chat requests.
+ You can add emoticons to your chat messages.
+ Chat Users page displays the users who were active in chat last 5 minutes.
+ Moderator names are displayed between parenthesis. example: [(twilight)]
+ There are some message templates you can use in your chat messages.

+ To start a private chat session select the user from chat online list and click "invite to private chat".
Private chat requests will appear on users screen for 5 minutes.
If you send a private chat request to another user while you have an active private chat session, the previous session will be closed.

+ You can create a private channel to chat with a group of people. If you want to make the channel private set a password whilst creating channel or later.
You can give your channel name and password to your friends in chat via invitation, PM, popup or inbox message. Only the owner of the channel can change the password..

From Settings Menu you can change the following settings:

+ turn emoticon display on/off
+ select if the chat message time to be displayed or not
+ change time zone to adjust chat time with your local time
+ select how many rows of messages to be displayed in chat rooms
+ change the chat refresh speed..

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