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9362 20 days
(new) Little Richard [25]
Died aged 87.A true rock and roll legend. Said by many to be the man who invented rock and roll
9362 22 days
(new) VE day [31]
On today the 75th anniversary of VE day remembering with respect the men and women who fought for our freedom. We owe them so much
9362 25 days
(new) Kim Jong un [52]
So what do people think has happened to the fat bast*rd. Is he dead or just seriously ill?
9362 28 days
(new) Freddy McConnell [44]
Who gave birth to a child has lost his latest legal bid to be registered on the birth certificate as the father rather then the mother. He had appeale
9362 April 2020
(new) Ronan hughes (4)
Refused bail by an Irish court. Fighting extradition to Britain to face charges over the deaths of 39 Vietnamese people found dead in a storage contai

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9362 < 1 minute
@ alanball - 13.05.20 - 01:38pm Post whatever you like chief. If you posted vile comments about poverty st
9362 < 1 minute
@ ogdenz - 12.05.20 - 11:23pm Nope,I'm not trawling through your replies. Anyway you have just admitted to
9362 < 1 minute
@ ogdenz - 12.05.20 - 11:01pm And I asked you how do they survive? How do they eat etc and you replied I h
9362 < 1 minute
@ alanball - 12.05.20 - 10:28pm You should of done what you expected poverty stricken children to do you v
9362 < 1 minute
@ ogdenz - 12.05.20 - 10:40pm Maybe you could have claimed Universal Credit and as you once said people o

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