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jlh1182 January 2020
(new) The perfect enemy [90]
Its far from a secret that people are used as cannon fodder for many reasons, all of this drama about terrorists is yet another trap, however, things
jlh1182 June 2019
(new) P2- Propoganda Due [35] * was a Masonic lodge founded in 1945 that, by the time its Masonic charter was with drawn in 1976, had
jlh1182 June 2019
(new) UK ELECTIONS 2015 [217]
as a preliminary round up of peoples attitude towards democracy this year, do you think the coalition or perhaps MPs themselves have succeeded or fail
jlh1182 June 2019
(new) uk snap elecctions [77]
do you think ther should be one? When? Should the gov halt any of its plans in the process?
jlh1182 June 2019
(new) brexit losses [49]
want brexit? Dont want brexit? Whatever u want out of life as and when brexit from the european union occures, do u or ppl u know in line to suffer lo

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jlh1182 June 2019
Who are you talking to btw? My audience?)
jlh1182 June 2019
There's you baiting me, there's me being baited, that's me taking all the bait.. got lots of bait..
jlh1182 June 2019
You need to apologise really, your basically giving your own opinions to something.. actually hiding a crime, obi_jon if you wish to continue making o
jlh1182 June 2019
Have a nice day everyone..
jlh1182 June 2019
Already lost interest, first topic was deleted.. forget y'all got better things to do..

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obi_jon 3 days
(new) Spacewatch v2.0(Official Science Topic) pinned [373]
To boldly go exactly where the old Space Watch topic went before it.moonlanding.gif. A place to post about all the latest research, theories, discove
newt182 January 2020
(new) Brexit deal will keep UK in customs union [2208]
The maybot has secured a deal. Half in half out. tea.gif
sourface March 2019
(new) Tommy Robinson [735]
scared.gif I don't normally post this kind sh*t but what do you think about him? Personally I think he's great.
slwnoris February 2019
(new) socialism [132]
What has it given the public, as it seen as a dirty word and a great deal of people think it nothing but evil, without socialism there would be no uni
1clivey1 September 2017

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