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kristy59 April 2017
(new) LOTTERY [39]
The lottery is going up to 2 pound soon, will you still buy a ticket lottery
kristy59 October 2016
(new) Yesterday/today [26]
What did you do yesterday and will you be doing the same today?
kristy59 February 2015
(new) Most Haunted - TV programme [32]
Do you believe in ghosts? poof
kristy59 February 2014
(new) TURKEY! [34]
Why do we eat it at Christmas thinking

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kristy59 May 2019
Too many scams going around, the calls from BT can be a recorded message, ignore and put phone down
kristy59 January 2020
Southern Ireland blocking any deals between uk and eu, they dont want a hard border between them and northern ireland
kristy59 February 2019
If you have a male cat he wont spray anywhere, he owns his garden and house and wont allow any cats near cat
kristy59 November 2018
Shop here sells vinyl records, quite expensive tho but they do last longer then cds as you can recycle to a vase lol
kristy59 January 2020
Waste of time having that referendum in 2016, 2 years later mps still dragging their feet over deal or no deal doh

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