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sisfreak2017 9 hours 24 minutes
(new) Scarecrows (7)
What's with all these scarecrows in peoples gardens lately? Some of them are quite good. I saw one yesterday, sat in a deckchair, in shades, rea
sisfreak2017 5 days
(new) Corona Hairstyle - Yours? [111]
So, all our lovely stylists that do our hair are themselves in lockdown. What shall we do? So what are you going to do?
sisfreak2017 6 days
(new) Lockdown's Ended Now...? [53]
19 Miles East of Manchester / UK! I hate some / 'most' of my neighbours. How nice are your neighbours? Yesterday (Tuesday) and today (Wedne
sisfreak2017 8 days
(new) 500 pounds voucher plan for all UK adults (10)
Radical plans to give all adults 500 and children 250 in vouchers to spend in sectors of the economy worst hit by the Covid-19 crisis are being
sisfreak2017 30 days
(new) Itchy nose (10)
Are we allowed to have an itcy nose during 'corana time' angrymob.gif. What happens if I sneeze sneeze.gif Have you got an itchy nose

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sisfreak2017 3 hours 49 minutes
Can we have some berries as well?
sisfreak2017 6 minutes
sisfreak2017 3 hours 57 minutes
sisfreak2017 42 minutes
Pick the one with courtyard access. It'll come in handy when your arriving and departing by horse drawn carriage. Check Kipling isn't squatting in t
sisfreak2017 1 minute
Send more krugers. Please.

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wildfern 30 days
(new) Having a tipple [70]
So what do u lot enjoy having for a drink?
mikeymk 3 hours 57 minutes
(new) Word Association 6.6 pinned [2722]
Other one's useless, so...
mrfruity February 2020
(new) Just ad Me [29]
a couple of lychees.Never ad em before and always thought they would be sour but it's lovely n sweet.One of me favourites now..I shall be purchasing t
sisfreak2017 February 2020
(new) Other Prodigits Forums? [54]
Does anyone else bother to visit the other Prodigits forms categories ?confuse.gif I often view them (namely phones tech n etc ???? Almost all are unused but thankfully i often recognise a few of them who do venture there whom are
popcorn2.0 2 days
(new) Corona virus in China pinned [6934]
Do you think this is the beginning of the end for most people globally?

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