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tazdevil August 2019
(new) Unbore me? [91]
Where tf are you guys? I'm really bored right now. Let's play a fun game where we have to guess what each other's occupation should be/should've been.
tazdevil August 2019
(new) An expensive lesson you've learned? [24]
Guys, remember my 'bestie' at work? The girl I posted about previously with whom I developed a close friendship pretty quick (huge mistake) and felt a
tazdevil June 2019
(new) What will people say? [34]
The sentence 'what will people say' has broken so many hearts and crushed so many dreams. Did you ever have to hide/change/destroy something about you
tazdevil April 2019
(new) Bestie at work? [46]
Guys, I'm wondering if it's okay to develop close personal friendships with your co-workers? So a new girl joined our office most recently, and
tazdevil March 2019
(new) LinkedIn [15]
Just signed in to LinkedIn. I'm confused? How does it work? Why did I do it? Lots of why, why, whys?

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tazdevil 1 hour 34 minutes
@ ufohunter - 13.07.20 - 01:32am I bet even India is safer (and better).The grass is always g
tazdevil 1 hour 34 minutes
@ 3mel - 12.07.20 - 12:08am I was telling trashy the other day about these male torso ''mannequins'' that
tazdevil 1 hour 34 minutes
@ crail - 12.07.20 - 12:04am what you need is one of those plastic vibrating ass holes, taz. Kiplin
tazdevil 1 hour 34 minutes
@ ufohunter - 11.07.20 - 11:12am Taz, what 'you think of scorpions? I think they're amazing! I think they are so cool. They have a big s
tazdevil 1 hour 34 minutes
@ trashy - 11.07.20 - 12:43am I don't spit, I force that sh*t down and try not to gag. Because I'm nice li

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