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polo_011 1 day 22 hours
(new) How big is too big for a smartphone? [43]
With boredom hanging over me in this lockdown, I was just having a look at my old Galaxy Note 4 and realized that my iPhone 11 Pro Max and Huawei P40
3mel 2 days
(new) Emulators 2021 [11]
this topic is for everyone with any hints or recommendations for emulators and roms. the only reason I'm making this thread is that since I last lo
3mel 7 days
(new) IP67 68 ratings [32]
has anyone actually put their phone to the test of water resistance intentionally or accidentally ? tell us about it... I'm bored and this foru
banbury 10 days
(new) Galaxy Note Ultra [47]
Two questions if I may: 1): does the phone use a faster type of UFC storage over the S20 Ultra cos heard rumours it does. 2): does the European versio
ricky1223 11 days
(new) Android phone (3)
Android phone is the best right thinking2.gif?
banbury 14 days
(new) S21 Ultra 5G [33]
Anyone know anything about the modem thats intergrated into the Exynos 2100?
polo_011 27 days
(new) Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Official [12]
I could not careless about the other Galaxy S20s variants, the S20 Ultra is the one to have! That spec sheet is incredible, makes me excited for what
polo_011 28 days
(new) Huawei Mate Xs 5G Foldable [11]
Got one of these bad boys to try out for a few days and I am absolutely loving it, the thing is like a mini laptop or tablet, makes me excited for the
flash January 2021
(new) S Voice [22]
S voice Which version of s voice is best. help
amdyabou January 2021
(new) How to close the winfow using onWindowClose() in W (5)
hello all people i'm a beginer, i want to close the window in Webview Android when i click back button to goto back Thanks
speedracer22 January 2021
(new) Surprise surprise!!!!! (3)
Attention attention attention!!!!! Read this post for 5 seconds. Share to other forums. Comment. And favourite this post. if you do thi
3mel January 2021
(new) Any AndroidTV box users out there ? (7)
just bought myself a Yagala T95 box (which does go by other names from different suppliers). for a quad core A53 SoC, it's not too bad. it comes pre-rooted out of the box but it doesn't have the nicest
richeet January 2021
(new) S10 (9)
My galaxy s10 is saying moisture detected and wont charge . What is wrong November 2020
(new) Resetting Samsung A4 (3)
Good day. I have an olfer friend, who has a Samsung A4. Somehow she reset the phone. The phone is now asking for her e-mail address, which sh
amdyabou November 2020
(new) Hi How to upload a file using WebView ? (2)
hello all people, My name's Amdy m, I'm Android developper , now I want to know, How to upload a file (Image or Others files) using WebView ?

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