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banbury 4 days
(new) Galaxy Note Ultra [36]
Two questions if I may: 1): does the phone use a faster type of UFC storage over the S20 Ultra cos heard rumours it does. 2): does the European versio 12 days
(new) Resetting Samsung A4 (1)
Good day. I have an olfer friend, who has a Samsung A4. Somehow she reset the phone. The phone is now asking for her e-mail address, which sh
axe69 12 days
(new) Gambing problem. (9)
Good day I hava an online gambing addition that i want to control. I am using an app to block the gambling website. The proble, however, is th
xbeltax 15 days
(new) Samsung s20 (3)
Anyone have problem.with speech bubbles stuck on screen when u save something or share so.ething like a notification bubble
polo_011 15 days
(new) Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Official (10)
I could not careless about the other Galaxy S20s variants, the S20 Ultra is the one to have! That spec sheet is incredible, makes me excited for what
polo_011 17 days
(new) MS Surface Duo vs Galaxy Z Fold 2 (3)
So which one do you guys prefer? I really like what Samsung has done with the Z Fold 2, its closer than ever to the perfect convergence device, I feel
3mel 28 days
(new) Any AndroidTV box users out there ? (4)
just bought myself a Yagala T95 box (which does go by other names from different suppliers). for a quad core A53 SoC, it's not too bad. it comes pre-rooted out of the box but it doesn't have the nicest
mac4tee August 2020
(new) xperia (1)
what could be the problem when i charge my sony it only blinking/flashing red on the notification light. the screen is just black not turning on.
june12 July 2020
(new) M9+ peel remote (2)
Peel smart remote on my HTC one M9 plus is asking for permission before it would work. Please help
zamyan July 2020
(new) Mtn (5)
I got myself a Samsung A30s!The problem is it has a tray for 2cards but the one side(where the other sim suppose to go in)that side is closed!So my qu
3mel July 2020
(new) regular forum reader check in [41]
can't be having this forum sit idle for nearly a month. leave your robotic hand print and say hi.
mopac July 2020
(new) Samsung A30 MDM Lock (5)
Hello Tech Gurus, its been long since I showed up here. Hope everyone is superb. I have a Samsung A305F and it has a pattern lock and TalkBack setting
nomber June 2020
(new) i'm gonna buy... [22]
a new phone. Pixel maybe
3mel June 2020
(new) VPN users beware [16]
I was doing a little research the other day on VPN's for android and I happened across this page that I thought would be good to share. people that ba
flash June 2020
(new) Coolpad Mega 5 (4)
I am now using a coolpad mega 5 phone

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