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3mel 19 days
(new) Any AndroidTV box users out there ? (6)
just bought myself a Yagala T95 box (which does go by other names from different suppliers). for a quad core A53 SoC, it's not too bad. it comes pre-rooted out of the box but it doesn't have the nicest
ricky1223 21 days
(new) Android phone (2)
Android phone is the best right thinking2.gif?
amdyabou 21 days
(new) Hi How to upload a file using WebView ? (2)
hello all people, My name's Amdy m, I'm Android developper , now I want to know, How to upload a file (Image or Others files) using WebView ?
speedracer22 22 days
(new) Surprise surprise!!!!! (2)
Attention attention attention!!!!! Read this post for 5 seconds. Share to other forums. Comment. And favourite this post. if you do thi
richeet 23 days
(new) S10 (7)
My galaxy s10 is saying moisture detected and wont charge . What is wrong
polo_011 October 2020
(new) Huawei Mate Xs 5G Foldable (9)
Got one of these bad boys to try out for a few days and I am absolutely loving it, the thing is like a mini laptop or tablet, makes me excited for the
banbury October 2020
(new) New Exynos beats the dragon? (2)
mac4tee October 2020
(new) SM-G930F (1)
two days ago tried to root my S7 with odin but for some reason the rooting failed. the phone won't turn on it just vibrates then i get a dark grey scr
banbury October 2020
(new) Galaxy Note Ultra [37]
Two questions if I may: 1): does the phone use a faster type of UFC storage over the S20 Ultra cos heard rumours it does. 2): does the European versio
polo_011 October 2020
(new) Huawei P40 Pro (7)
Been using this beast for a few days now, and it's been an interesting ride, a slight reminder of the Symbian S60 days having to go through 3rd party September 2020
(new) Resetting Samsung A4 (1)
Good day. I have an olfer friend, who has a Samsung A4. Somehow she reset the phone. The phone is now asking for her e-mail address, which sh
axe69 September 2020
(new) Gambing problem. (9)
Good day I hava an online gambing addition that i want to control. I am using an app to block the gambling website. The proble, however, is th
xbeltax September 2020
(new) Samsung s20 (3)
Anyone have problem.with speech bubbles stuck on screen when u save something or share so.ething like a notification bubble
polo_011 September 2020
(new) Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Official (10)
I could not careless about the other Galaxy S20s variants, the S20 Ultra is the one to have! That spec sheet is incredible, makes me excited for what
polo_011 September 2020
(new) MS Surface Duo vs Galaxy Z Fold 2 (3)
So which one do you guys prefer? I really like what Samsung has done with the Z Fold 2, its closer than ever to the perfect convergence device, I feel

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