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banbury November 2019
(new) Galaxy S10 5G on EE in UK (7)
Anyone comment on 5G speeds obtained on this phone? on any network? this article claims the phone tops out at 550mbps on EE yet the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G a
banbury October 2019
(new) Exynos VS Kirin 980 processor [25]
Exynos 9810 VS Kirin 980 any opinions on this?
banbury October 2019
(new) Galaxy Note 5 in the UK [13]
I bought a used Note 5 which is in as new condition. its a N920T which I believe is from T-mobile USA. its currently running Android 6.01. I know the
banbury July 2019
(new) Rapid charging [14] Actuall
banbury June 2019
(new) Galaxy S10 5G [15]
Just got this phone great bit of kit and good display rather than mind blowing. while a display may look better on paper I have found that doesnt alw

* Replies:
banbury January 2020
ive still got my S7 edge wont part with it. it still seems fast today so only confirms what you said.
banbury November 2019
Its all wong
banbury November 2019
PS: as far as I can tell all versions of the Galaxy S10 5G have the same Qualcomm X50 modem which is also used in the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G in the UK. so I
banbury November 2019
Mind you check this out! but this isnt connected to 5G:
banbury November 2019
Another mention of S10 5G achieving speeds of 1gbps in the States. yet in the UK on EE it seems to be the slowest. I know the U.S version has a Snapdr

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banbury September 2018
(new) Snapdragon 425 vs mediatek 8735a [14]
Yes I know both are low end socs but does anybody have any idea which one performs the best? Or are they both simular? cos iam struggling with this on

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