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spunkydj January 2020
(new) key 2 (0)
Its at amazing phone advise people to get one
spunkydj June 2018
(new) Only 2 years (2)
Only 2 years of support left bb10 now in maintenance mode
spunkydj November 2017
(new) google play store (0)
If you want this on your bb10 device go to but download everything apart from Playstore build 1
spunkydj February 2014
(new) apps (2)
Apart from blackberry world is there any more places where I can get apps I have a blackberry 9320
spunkydj February 2014
(new) you tube (1)
How can you play you tube on a blackberry as when I go to stream it says server blocked

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spunkydj February 2018
my son has one but browsing is a pain on it so its just sitting there not used in months
spunkydj February 2018
you'll soon get rid of it as bb10 getting closed down in 2 years
spunkydj February 2018
Yes it does although some apps and games slow at loading
spunkydj June 2018
download whatsup by nemory studios its whatsapp with skin over it
spunkydj November 2014
had a go of one its s**te

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