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karen1xx March 2024
(new) do men really know wot women want [516]
it seems they dont,so this is for the guys repys to tell us wot they think women want lol obviously the women don have to agree
sxibabe February 2024
diisco.x February 2024
(new) Single sign here pinned [2618]
Excited brand new one .. On ya go .. Single and looking or just single.. ? Do NOT post phone
bl0ndiiee February 2024
(new) Any irish boys here?? (3)
Im looking from some irish boys (or maybe girls) for meet
hachey.b February 2024
(new) I am.a good boyo! (2)
I am lonely and need old/new friends! My night time meds arent working so some buds to talk to until I fall asleep would be nice! I am lonely and look
1clivey1 February 2024
(new) Valentine day (5)
Flower.gif type your messages then!
hachey.b February 2024
(new) Grr why do (0)
Men and some people want me to be a woman? That really hurts and p!sses me off!! I dont want a flucking bf! Tut! Just fluck off! Nod.gif
xtopherus February 2024
(new) Been away 10+ years [29]
I used to come on here when I was a lot younger My name was Chrishun then (you can still look up my old user) Anyone else back after a l
lonewolff October 2023
(new) The Right One (2)
You can never know she is the right until you approach her and if things work out she is the one and vice versa.
amrick67 September 2023
(new) Redheads (4)
I'm looking to meet red headed women. I love ginger babes. Freckles too. Inbox me to chat bud me.
wallyx September 2023
(new) Need friendship (1)
I need a female friend that we can call text and share thoughts. I am so lonely with nobody to look after. If you are interested, just inbox me. I wi
rebecca007 August 2023
(new) Is there still true love? Trust? Sincerity? (3)
I still wonder if there is still true love? Because I never found one all I found is lies, all they want is node pictures and videos. Is everything no
pteeteen June 2023
(new) Decent and God-fearing white King for a black Quee (3)
If you out there then let's chat. I don't want perverts saying hi in my inbox. Shalom!
promio1 June 2023
(new) Does distance love exist? (2)
I am 28 years old from Nairobi, Kenya. She is 26 years old from Abuja, Nigeria.She is a vibe. We have never seen eachother in person.I discovered her
hachey.b April 2023
(new) Lesbian, gay, bi and transgender people? [17]
wave.gif Hello I am womdering if anyone has experienced hate crime or bullying? I could do with some friends, come chat here!

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