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xbeltax 3 days
(new) Have u ever [40]
Met someone off here they've not been who they are
nichick 5 days
diisco.x 5 days
(new) Single sign here pinned [2548]
Excited brand new one .. On ya go .. Single and looking or just single.. ? Do NOT post phone
xbeltax 6 days
(new) Inbox freaks [30]
Anyone else get bombarded by inbox freaks or just me lol like hey fancy a 9some with me me auntie and cousin Henry ffs leg it
ricky112 7 days
(new) True love. (6)
If a guy can type 'lol' without laughing he can also break your heart heart2.gif without a second thought dislike.gif
qmangjmc 8 days
(new) women (9)
which man do you think is more attractive a man with facial hair or a man without it?
ricky112 14 days
(new) Drastic situation. [19]
If your boyfriend/girlfriend was admitted to a hospital patient.gif and a kiss was the only option to save him/her and you weren't around then it happen
polaris 15 days
(new) love (5)
im single
eya19 20 days
(new) Single (2)
25, ready to mingle
tasti2 26 days
(new) Wow [53]
Anyone still here
kerry.e.86 28 days
(new) Hi all (8)
I'm looking to chat to genuine people. Preferably women lol 2021
(new) How to. (7)
Hi!! Remember me Alladin 6220 Jscott Danxll Hello sour face Hello knuckle Hope you guys OK?can't retrieve my I'd. [br
antoneno 2021
(new) riddle me these (4)
Five men were eating apples,A finished before B,but behind C.D finished before E,but behind B.what was the finishing order?
liquid November 2020
(new) Anyone ever dated a control freak? [14]
Has anyone ever dated someone they thought was absolutely the bees knees but over time had to get rid because of their behaviour????
minxyt69 November 2020
(new) northern ireland only please [14]
Looking northern ireland people only bi or straight or even curiousity male and female

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