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banbury August 2019
(new) Single male 48 (0)
Single easy going straight male never been married no children if any ladies like what they see in my profile picture drop me an inbox message or mess
banbury September 2018
(new) Banbury england (4)
Anyone females in this town?
banbury February 2014
(new) LOOKS (8)
looks fade but personality lasts a lifetime. If your a bloke, look at the mother cos thats often what the daughter will end up like like lol
banbury January 2014
(new) would you date a pcw? (8)
would you date a policewoman? If so what interests you about them? And if you wouldnt why not? It interests me for one reason, they are more likely to
banbury January 2014
(new) single uk male (2)
if you like my profile photo inbox me. All I ask is that you are a female in the uk and your are over 18. Age is just a number to me. My photo is curr

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banbury 8 days
banbury September 2019
@ ipspawar0 - 8.07.18 - 06:37pm Hey ..!!Single
banbury August 2019
on the films they fall in love in minutes lol
banbury September 2019
single from England. UK ladies only.
banbury November 2018
Ive lost count too but probably about 10 years lol. everyone in my area is either spoken for or married

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